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Three groups are available to cater for differing fitness levels.

Walking Group 2Walks for Walking Group 2 are usually held on the 1st Friday and 3rd Thursday of each month.

Walks range from 5-8 miles, but are generally 6 or 7. The terrain may vary and walkers are asked to ensure that they are capable of doing the mileage at a reasonable pace and come prepared for whatever the weather may be. We start at 10 am unless stated otherwise.

Most of our walks are not accessible by public transport and we try to car-share wherever possible. A full list of members is circulated which includes details of address, telephone number and willingness to offer lifts. It is then up to individuals to arrange their own lift. We ask that drivers are paid £2 towards their fuel costs.

We aim to finish at a pub for lunch, but on longer walks we sometimes take sandwiches (in case the pub is closed).

We have planning meetings 2 or 3 times a year, when the next few months’ walks are planned and where members volunteer to lead individual walks. Leaders are asked to recce their walk beforehand so that a reasonably accurate description can be sent out in advance.

The exact details of the walk are emailed to members about a week beforehand after the leader has done her/his recce.

We have a dedicated web-site which shows our walking holidays in the UK and Europe. Click here to have a look!

Future Walks


PLEASE NOTE: Walks marked * = These are themed walks and will be about five miles and walked at a slower pace than usual.

Group Details

Var Twice Monthly 1st Friday and 3rd Thursday (usually 5-8 miles)

Group Leader/s

Leader Carolyne McKinlay