Sussex history through its churches

Unlocking the Secrets of Sussex’s medieval churches

Sussex has arguably the best collection of medieval churches in the UK.  No two village churches are even remotely alike. They might look similar but once you know how to ‘read’ a church, it soon becomes clear that each is unique and this what this course sets out to do.

The course will begin with informative (and hopefully illustrated) talks on what to look for in and around a church. These will be followed by a group field trip to a local medieval church where the group can put its new found skills in to practice under the eye of the course leader. (This field trip could take place during the normal meeting time period or outside of the regular meeting time, whichever the members of the course decide – more group field trips may be added if the first one is a success). Future meetings will then discuss the findings of the trip, as well as learning more about how to uncover the hidden past of the area through these ancient buildings. Members will then be encouraged (individually or in small groups of their own choosing) to investigate their local churches in their own time, and to bring their findings to the next meeting for discussion, and for the enlightenment of the group as a whole. Those who wish to, might find an added bonus to this course by using a camera to capture their findings and sharing these with the other members at meetings.

The field trips are, of course, not an essential part of the course, and those members just coming to the meetings will benefit greatly from the talks and discussions and learn a lot from the experiences of those who can make the trips.

Specific meeting dates may be found in the Timetable