Understanding Islam

At a time when barbaric and inhuman atrocities are being perpetrated in the name of Islam, and Europe is settling countless thousands of Muslims, most of us in the West have only the sketchiest knowledge of the lands from which these people come, their traditions and culture, and above all their religion; myself included.

So I set about replacing my own ignorance with information from as many sources as possible, looking at the issues from very different perspectives. I would like to offer three talks on the subject:

Rather than give each talk a separate title, I want to make them more ‘free-flowing’, with each of the following four aspects merging into each other without any sharp division between them. Those four aspects would be:

  1. The History of Islam and the Middle East
  2. The Theology of Islam
  3. Islam’s Problems with the West
  4. The West’s Problems with Islam

This series of talks will be an exact repeat of the same set of talks that was held in the Spring and Summer Terms as pop-ups. Since occasional talks cut across our regular schedule of classes, a number of members were not able to attend them all and these augmented talks will be a repeat but as a regular part of this term’s programme.

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