Built Environment

We will be meeting at the Crypt on a monthly basis to give and receive presentations and discuss a range of topics from ancient to modern architecture, architects from Vitruvious to Gehry and Hadid and movements or themes such as garden cities, philanthropists, Model towns, council house development and a whole lot more.

You may have a background in architecture, design, town planning or housing; or, like many of us just a general interest in these areas. Please come and join us at the Crypt on Wednesdays from 2.00 to 3.30.

The programme and dates for the rest of this term and the New Year are:

13 December 2017:  Antoni Gaudi – Trevor Sennet

17 January 2018:  Titus Salt & Saltaire – Jenny Edwards

21 February 2018:  Roman Construction; The Pantheon & Colosseum – Kay Chaffer

21 March 2018:  ‘Less is Less’; The London Bridge Area – Adrian Gould

Everyone is welcome to attend these illustrated talks and join in the discussion.  Meantime, if you require further information or would like to offer to give a presentation (short or long), please contact the Group Convenor Trevor Sennett.

Specific meeting dates may be found in the Timetable