Fire and Ice

This 10 weeks course commencing Tuesday April 24th will closely examine the topics that put the fizz into physical geography.

The overall content and presentation (delivered largely through images) will be at A-level (so, if you have a degree in a related subject, this may not be for you!).


Topics covered in part 1 of the Course (“Fire and Fury”) will include:

  • The Earth’s structure
  • Plate movement
  • Mountain-building
  • Supercontinents
  • Fault lines
  • Ocean trenches
  • Hot spots
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanoes and supervolcanoes
  • Intrusive vulcanicity
  • Tsunamis

Geographical places discussed will include:

Present:  Iceland, Hawaii, East Africa, San Andreas, Yellowstone, the Himalayas, the Alps and the Aleutian Islands.

Past:  Rodinia, Pangaea, the Panthalassa, Iapatus and Tethys Oceans, the Caledonides and the Insubric Line.

Future:  Pangaea Ultima?

Part 2 of the course “Ice” ………….


Group Details

Tue Weekly CC 16:45 17:45 10 weeks course commencing 24 April 2018

Specific meeting dates may be found in the Timetable

Group Convenor/s

Convenor Mary Sandell