Everyone who is not in full time employment is invited to join the Brighton & Hove University of the Third Age. Meetings are held mornings or afternoons at a variety of Venues in the city. There is no lower age limit for joining, although nearly all of our members are of mature years.

The Membership year runs from the 1st August to the following 31st July, and your subscription entitles you to attend any of the groups listed on the Groups web-page. You may join Brighton & Hove U3A at any time during the year.

Here is the full list of Subscription Rates for the year commencing 1st August 2017:

£30 Full Annual Membership (Paid in June^^)
£20 Associate Annual Membership (2nd U3A++) (Paid in June^^)
£10 Concession Annual Membership (Paid in June^^) **
£35 Full Annual Membership (Paid July to February)
£25 Associate Annual Membership (2nd U3A++) (Paid July to February)
£15 Concession Annual Membership ** (Paid July to February)
£15 All Memberships (Paid March to May)

^^ = ‘Paid In June Discount’ (£5) applies if you pay your Subscription Fee during the month of June for the up-coming year commencing 1st August.
++ = A reduced fee is payable if you are a fully-paid Member of another U3A (Associate Membership); please supply a copy of your (other U3A) Membership card, when applying.
** = ‘Concession Membership’ applies if you are in receipt of certain Benefits. We will need to see documentary evidence – with your form and payment cheque, please enclose a copy of the relevant document/s to the Membership Secretary.

As a ‘taster’, prospective Members may attend a group once without paying the Membership subscription fee, after which the fee becomes payable upon subsequent attendance. If you wish to attend as a ‘taster’, please ask for Contact details here . Don’t forget to state which Group you wish to attend as a ‘taster’!

To join a group as a Member, and before attending the Group for the first time, please contact the Group Leader, as the Group may already be full; the contact details are in the Full Timetable, which you will receive once you have joined.

Full Timetables with contact details are issued regularly throughout the year. If you haven’t yet received your copy, and wish to contact Group Leader/s about joining their Group/s, please use our Contact Us form to send a message (including a note of which Group/s).


Subscriptions for New Membership Applications and for Renewals may be paid:
1 – by PayPal (including by bank/building society card,) but ONLY for ‘Full’ Membership and ONLY if you have an email address.
To apply as NEW MEMBER Click here.To RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP Click here. If you have previously agreed to Gift Aid your subscription, you will be asked to confirm your agreement.

2 – by Cheque (see next paragraph).

New Members may JOIN by posting their Application form and cheque payment for their Fee to the Membership Secretary (address is on the form) and all current Members may RENEW by posting their Renewal form and cheque payment for their Fee to the Membership Secretary (address is on the form). If you are posting in a form and cheque, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, for return of your Membership Card and full Timetable.


Renewal reminders will be issued to all current Members at the end of May.

If you are a UK taxpayer and have not already done so, please consider completing the Gift Aid section on the Application form, as this will be of considerable financial benefit to our U3A, and hopefully limit general fee increases to the absolute minimum.

For further information OR to receive an Application Form by post, please send a message to the Membership Secretary.

				Membership Secretary,
				Brighton & Hove U3A,
				47 John St.,
				West Sussex BN43 5DL