The Sussex U3A Network (S.U.N.) runs a range of interesting Study Days throughout the year and also holds one or two Away Days in the Summer.

The National U3A organisation also runs Study Days, which Members of individual U3A’s may attend, and Other Events, in which all Members may participate.

There is also a Shared Learning Project and several other events, which Members of individual U3A’s may attend.

S.U.N. also produce a Newsletter with information related to all S.U.N. activities. See the S.U.N. web-site for the latest Newsletter.

The SUN Representative for Brighton & Hove U3A is Carolyne McKinlay, who can be contacted at All Member meetings; if you can not one of these meetings, send her a Contact Us message. Carolyne also holds Application forms for Study Days.

Application forms for Study Days, Workshops, etc., may be obtained from the S.U.N. web-site (see links below), and they are also posted on the Crypt Notice board in St. George’s Church, Kemp Town, as they become available.

N.B. The right is reserved to alter the S.U.N. U3A programme, if necessary.

  • Click to go to the national web-site of the U3A Trust, for much more information about the U3A nationwide.
  • The Sussex U3A Network (SUN) has a web-site at www.sussexu3anetwork.org.uk that contains details of all the U3As in Sussex and also further details of the Study and Away Days that are organised by them or by the South East U3A Forum.
  • To see the S.U.N. Events, click here.
  • To see the S.U.N. Shared Learning Projects, click here.
  • To see the a list of U3A’s that are a part of the S.U.N. Network, click here.