Suggested Groups

Brighton & Hove U3A is run by volunteers, all of whom give their time and efforts to help the Membership enjoy their time with us. To provide a wide range of Groups for nearly 700 Members is always a challenge, and we are always on the lookout for new Groups and new Group Leaders.

This is especially true when existing Groups become full and Members find that joining them is a problem.

There are answers:
a) Extra Groups being laid on, in the same subject and
b) New Groups being arranged.

Other U3As around the country offer many groups for their members that we do not.  Why not offer to run one of these yourself – we will give you all the help you need!

The following new Groups are being suggested – if you are willing and able to lead a new Group (or an ‘over-spill’ of an existing group), please contact eMail the Groups Co-ordinator, Alan Cooke, by sending him a Contact Us message.